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Bad luck outside my family, no success

Living at home with the parents

So, I am 49 and live at home with the parents. It is what it is. I never got out of the starting gate in life so to speak, I am just not successful. I did manage to goto college, lived on my own a bit.  However  I remain unsuccessful I have had bad luck in jobs etc… Came back to the parents. This has not made me a very dateable person. What practical woman would want to date a guy who is unemployed and living with the parents, right?

Bad luck with jobs

Also I have had over a decade of rotten luck with jobs, and trying to get successful outside with outsiders from my family. Again, it is what it is. I just never seem to get a break. Sure, I have tons of skills (computer, web design, graphic design, photography and photo editing) however I never could get connected to anything successful with those skills. Its a shame. With web design, I have done countless hours of work, never got payed. Did my fair amount of “freebies” and favors for people, never got anything in return. Something, anything should trickle down over here, no? What are you going to do, bad luck.

It would be nice to be semi-successful

It would be nice to be kinda semi-successful with my photography. Its been over 17 years or more that I have had my websites up and running. Never one solid job lead, or any opportunity, bad luck.  Its odd, its like I am in a black hole or something. Not even feed back on my sites. I know I should do more leg work and actually network and meet people in person. That was one fault of mine. I thought that if you had an awesome website with good images etc, (show people what you can do) that maybe someone would drop you a line, bad luck on my part.

Diagnosed with bi-polar

So what will I do? I was diagnosed with Bi-Polar 1 many years ago. I have over a decade of mental health notes on me. Visits with my psychiatrist, etc…therapist. I have sent out countless resumes etc. So no jobs or anything. I decided to simple give up and file for my Social Security Disability.  Even that has been denied twice. I simply give up on working. I just wanted a simple job in the creative field.

New lady friend

I met a lady who is a bit older, she lives in Utah. Id like to go visit her. We shall see. Also I am waiting on a hearing for my Social Security claim. That will take place in 5 months or  so. So I really can’t work until then. The law firm did lots of work on my behalf. I don’t want to let that goto waste. Ill hang in there for 5 months, then maybe Ill try to get a delivery job or something that I don’t want to do. Creative work, I don’t think Ill ever get a solid job in that and I have given up. Ill keep my photography and photo editing for a hobby. I think I am pretty decent in that. It would be great to get into a gallery. Still that too, I have had no feed back from.

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