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April 29, 2021

Jimmy died

So its 4/29/2021. Jimmy has died maybe two days ago at around midnight. I liked Jimmy, he always cheered me up when he came over with his dog Lucky. Jimmy and Donna¬† lived at the end of our block. I…

April 17, 2021


Jimmy is in bad shape in the hospital. Jimmy is a life long family friend of my dad and our, small family. I am not sure what is wrong with Jimmy, but the doctor's give him a 5% chance of…

April 13, 2021

My Dad

So my dad has prostate cancer. He had it detected as early as he could. Very early. My mom and dad are on top of their medical health. When my dad's PSA test numbers were going up, that prompted his…

April 3, 2021

Virtual girlfriend

About a year ago (last March) I met a woman from Main on a bi-polar support message board. I started talking with her. Dunno. I was lonely. So, we talked off and on. She has her mental issues etc. I…

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