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Downtown Chicago

Lurking in Chicago's CTA mass transit system

Route 66, Texas

"Old Empty" my rusting friend in Texas. Along Route 66.

"Old Empty"

My rusty friend in Texas. Along Route 66.

Chicago Skyway

No one leaves without paying. My home town of Chicago.

Trotters, North Dakota

The ghost town of Trotters, North Dakota. Out on the plains of the Dakotas.

Cold and empty places

Exploring the vacant and abandoned places of Chiacgoland and Northwest Indiana.

In the fields of Illinois

Exploring the fields of Northern Illinois. Far West of Chicago

Composite images

Using Adobe Photoshop to create composite images from two or more images

Images from Chicago

Photos from my home town of Chicago

Composite Images

Two or more photos blended into composite images using Adobe Photoshop


Lightpainting at night out in the fields of Illinois

Monument Valley

Out in the vast and beautiful American Southwest

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